We are committed to our community

At Chaparral Veterinary Center, our commitment extends beyond animal care; we’re deeply integrated into the community. Led by Dr. Trial, our center is not just about veterinary services but also about nurturing future professionals and supporting local initiatives. Dr. Trial, an enthusiast of the great outdoors and a dedicated member of the Coastal Conservation Association, blends his passion for nature with community engagement. His contributions include coaching local softball teams, serving on the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and participating in the Advisory Board of Our Lady of Grace Catholic School.

Our center stands as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring veterinary professionals. We offer extensive volunteer programs and shadowing opportunities for students eager to step into the veterinary field. For those on the cusp of their careers, Dr. Trial proactively provides externships for graduating veterinary students and technicians. His mentorship doesn’t just shape careers; it inspires and educates, fostering a new generation of veterinary experts committed to excellence in animal care and community service.

    Providing Advanced Veterinary Medicine
    to the Families of Jourdanton, Texas