Exotic Pet Resources

We Offer Exotic Veterinary and Wildlife Management

When it comes to exotic pets, there isn’t much we haven’t seen! Whether you have birds, pocket pets, ferrets, or even a potbellied pig, we can provide the best of care. Providing proper veterinary care for these unique pets requires specialized training and skills, and we employ professionals experienced in their care and treatment. Our veterinarians can advise you as to the dietary, maintenance, hygiene, and medical needs of your reptilian, feathered, or furry friends.

We offer wildlife pathology and management consultation for our recreational property owners raising animals such as deer and buffalo. We also provide veterinary assistance to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials—exciting and challenging work!

Call us at Chaparral Veterinary Center for a veterinary consultation regarding your exotic pet or recreational animal herd.

Providing Advanced Veterinary Medicine
to the Families of Jourdanton, Texas