Pet Boarding

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

Our quarters for pet boarding are clean and temperature controlled, just like home. Our facility is always supervised by caring and compassionate pet caretakers, with veterinary assistance nearby 24/7.

We want your pets to feel like we are their home away from home! We follow nutrition guidelines strictly, including special treats per your specifications. We also exercise dogs at least twice a day in our fenced yard, and cats get special treatment too, with designated play and petting time!


Current pet immunizations on all dogs and cats are required, or you may arrange to have vaccines given at the time of arrival.

*Please note: We do not accept home vaccinations, breeder given vaccines, sticker books, pet passports or hand written vaccinations and require all vaccinations be administered by a licensed veterinarian.


During busy seasons and holidays, reservations must be made well in advance.

In addition to pet boarding, we also have facilities for horses and other large animals.

Call in advance for reservations to secure our quality boarding accommodations for your furry family members.

Providing Advanced Veterinary Medicine
to the Families of Jourdanton, Texas