Stress-Free Veterinary Care

Looking Out For Your Pet’s Emotional Well-Being

At Chaparral Veterinary Center, thorough veterinary exams alone are not good enough. We also care about your pet’s emotional well-being during their visit — we want that tail wagging! Our team is trained to help that happen with every technique and stress-free resource available. In addition to pre-exam, calming medication options, we also provide:

  • Towels in our waiting room that are infused with hormones designed specifically for cats, to help them feel more relaxed. These are great to put over your cat’s carrier when they arrive.
  • Scrumptious hot dog and peanut butter treats for our canine friends.
  • Lots of toys to distract your pet with play.
  • Extra time and affection from our adoring team.
  • Examinations on the ground, at your pet’s level, or even in the waiting room if needed.
  • Special blanket-wrapping techniques for cats during procedures which mimic the comfort of a hug!

Not only do calmer pets provide more reliable vitals, but your furry family member also deserves to have a positive experience! This, in turn, makes it easier for you as a pet owner when it’s time for their next checkup.

If you find that you are having to coax your cat out from under the bed when it’s time for their checkup, or that your dog is anxious in the car on the way to their appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A comprehensive stress-free veterinary experience starts at home, and our knowledgeable team can give you tips on how to make the journey less stressful for your pet (and you!)

Providing Advanced Veterinary Medicine
to the Families of Jourdanton, Texas